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Canada Safety Council (CSC)
Train-the-Trainer Program

The following program is for company in-house trainers and driver instructors to become themselves certified Canada Safety Council instructors in either the:

  • Defensive Driving Course (DDC) – For light duty vehicles;

  • Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) – For heavy duty vehicles;

  • 55 Alive – For senior drivers.

If you are a manager, supervisor, or health and safety professional that is required to deliver in-house defensive driver training, this program will provide all the material and preparation needed to deliver it.

Candidates will undergo the course or courses purchased, while learning how to adapt the material to their company’s specific needs in training employees.

Main Program Objectives 

  • To provide the instructor candidates with the opportunity of gaining the required experience, information, and motivation to effectively present either the DDC, PDIC, and/or 55 Alive course. 

  • To develop an in-class program customized to your company’s needs, while learning education and classroom principles that will give candidates the know-how in directing a classroom setting.  


  • Canada Safety Council instructor certification(s).  


  • Can be delivered via a virtual setting and/or in-person setting (i.e., in the classroom of the hiring party or our classroom).


  • Interactive classroom with formal and informal instruction, discussion, and workgroups.

  • Participants’ presentation of the DDC, PDIC, and/or 55 Alive course. 


  • Each participant will receive a Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course instructor kit, and/or a Canada Safety Council Professional Driver Improvement Course instructor kit, depending on the program(s) selected, plus material for future reference.  


Duration: Four to five days (depending on the number of participants) from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.


Workshop Conducted by: 

Ben Estrada 
Master Trainer - Auto$mart Program
Canada Safety Council
Instructor Trainer #13863
MTO Driver Instructor Trainer #SL-3-04-02



Please inquire for price and date of course. 

Company Benefits of the Defensive Driving Training:

  • Reduces operating costs

  • Reduces collisions

  • Reduces sick leave, insurance, and other finances related to, and as a result of, traffic collisions

  • Reduces vehicle abuse/misuse and maintenance costs

  • Increases customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries and undamaged products

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