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Canada Safety Council (CSC)
In-Vehicle Assessment and Debriefing

This in-vehicle assessment is ideal for new hires and existing employees to uncover and fix any incorrect driving habits that have been developed over the years. 

The assessment begins with a pre-trip inspection, then the proper handling of the vehicle in different driving situations using the Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving criteria, as well as assessing backing techniques, and ending with a debriefing of the findings.


  • To assess participants’ driving standards and abilities related to:

    • Defensive driving practices;

    • Knowledge and application of basic traffic rules of the road; And

    • Cooperative driving principles with other road users.

  • To provide an opportunity to discuss with each candidate the assessment findings, while emphasizing the areas of improvement, if any.


The formatting, administration, and grading of every road assessment for each candidate identified by the hiring party will be conducted at the standard utilized by the Canada Safety Council.

  • Introduction of instructor/examiner to participant.

  • Selection and notification of testing area.

  • Driving assessment.

  • Evaluation and discussion between participant and instructor/examiner.

  • Instructor/examiner’s debrief with participant’s supervisor.


Identify major driving errors.
Identify areas needing improvement.
Provide a copy of the examination form to the individual participant or the participant’s supervisor.
Assessments will take place in the vehicle participants’ utilize for work or personal use.



  • 45 minutes.


Location and Dates

  • To be determined between Vaughan Driver Training Centre and the hiring party.

Driving Examiners
Experienced MTO licenced driving instructors and certified driving instructor professionals.


Assessment conducted by:
An MTO Licensed Driver Instructor 

Please inquire for price and date of course. 

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